What If???

What If???: “

What if I misspell a word?
What if I write something that proves harmful to someone?
What if the germs on my fingers somehow make their way onto my keyboard, through cyberspace, and onto the keyboards of countless readers who then contract some deadly disease I might be carrying?
What if the words in this piece don’t add up to a multiple of three?
What if I offend God with any language I use?
What if I someday need the previous draft that I just deleted?

These are just a few of the ‘what-if’ questions a blogger with OCD might face while attempting to convey the complexities of life with, and treatment for, OCD. I know, because as I sit here at my computer writing this inaugural Beyond The Doubt post, I am contemplating a good many (but not all) of the above possibilities.

My name is Jeff Bell, and I’m a longtime radio news anchor, author, mental health advocate, husband, and father. I am also someone with OCD, which means that as of today I am a blogger with OCD. There are probably at least a dozen OCD blogging punch lines to insert here; and those of you familiar with my writing and penchant for OCD humor know how tempted I am to do just that. I will, however, spare you my twisted sense of humor–at least for now. Instead I will ask for your input.