Special Report: Global Health Emphasized on World Sleep Day

Good, consistent, refreshing sleep is so critical to overall health – I just can’t say enough about that! Learn more about World Sleep Day here. And….nitey, nite!

Special Report: Global Health Emphasized on World Sleep Day:

In order to raise public awareness of the importance of sleep, especially among children, people are encouraged to observe World Sleep Day on March, 18, 2011. As part of this, I had an opportunity to interview several leaders in this global initiative. Over the next few days I will share this discussion in three parts, starting today with ‘Part 1: World Sleep Day’.

The interview included Dr. David White, Clinical Professor of Sleep Medicine at Harvard University, and Dr. Antonio Culebras, Professor of Neurology at SUNY Upstate Medical University and co-chair of the World Sleep Day Committee. The following summarizes some of the information they shared with me.

In inquiring what the average person should know about World Sleep Day, I learned that it started three years ago and that it has become an effective platform to increase both public and professional awareness of the consequences of poor sleep worldwide. Americans are not unique in sleeping poorly. These issues cross cultural boundaries, affecting countries across the socioeconomic spectrum.

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