Happiness Tied to Choice and Autonomy, Not Money

Prosperity is one thing, but not everything. Look for choices that take you in the direction of independence and self-determination. The link will take you to the full article about recent research that points in that direction.

Happiness Tied to Choice and Autonomy, Not Money:

A person’s happiness appears to depend more upon the freedom to make choices rather than having money, at least according to a review of data from 63 countries. In the study, researchers at the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand wanted to know one thing: What is more important for well-being, providing people with money or providing them with choices and autonomy? The investigation helps to fill in gaps in determining the values or attributes that contribute to happiness and life satisfaction among a worldwide sample.“Our findings provide new insights into well-being at the societal level,” they wrote in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. “Providing individuals with more autonomy appears to be important for reducing negative psychological symptoms relatively independent of wealth.”

Source: American Psychological Association