Bring Change 2 Mind

Bring Change 2 Mind: “1 in 6 adults and almost 1 in 10 children suffer from a diagnosable mental illness. Yet, for many, the stigma associated with the illness, can be as great a challenge as the disease itself. This is where the misconceptions stop. This is where bias comes to an end. This is where we change lives. Because this is where we Bring Change 2 Mind.”

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  1. Thank you posting about Bring Change 2 Mind. I just heard about this and I’m planning on posting about it on my blog as well. It seems that the site is extremely busy and is almost impossible to get on right now. I hope this helps change the stigma of mental illness. I was disappointed though as The View ran a commercial that Bring Change 2 Mind produced that alcoholism wasn’t not mentioned, though Glenn Close did mention alcoholism as a mental illness on Good Morning America this morning during her interview. Finally a Voice to those who have suffered for so long in silence. Hurrah!!!


  2. I have a 16 year old daughter who has had two very serious suicide attempts in last year. She was diagnosed with bi-polar 3 years ago. Since then she has been in three different residential treatment programs and has been in constant therapy.
    The problemems are getting much much more serious. We do not know where to go or what to do. There is nobody around this area that has anything new to try. We are scared for our dughters safety and her very life. She is extremely bright and very very manipulative. We are are at our wits end and do not know where to turn.


  3. I am 55 yrs. old now but I can remember 1st Grade of school walking home with my sisters. We had to cross a Highway. I didn’t ever come to that crosswalk without thinking I would be better off Just walking out in front of the simi. It seem like I had to hold my breath and hold really still to go on living. I don’t know how I made it to this age. I know I tried to end my life several times but it never worked. My tharapist said just pretend till I don’t feel that way anymore. I’m on Meds. now that seem good. Effexor Plus several others. but what I really hate is what I have done to my children the memories of things they can’t get out of their heads. I was raped at age 5 by a family member. That might have been the start or just one more thing that didn’t help anything. After that I was molested for years by a different family member. I just finally TOLD after all these years but I waited till they died. but when I told my parents about this their first responce was what are you going to do with this information? Like are you going to take it to court somehow? Oh my God… I thought. They are still more worried about how the comunity thinks of them over their daughter. Yes sometimes I go on about it.. SURE would like times to change. Sometimes I wounder if we can ever talk about this It’s more than it seems. Sometimes there is an underlieing partical no one knows about.

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