Being Nice to Yourself Increases Creativity

What a great idea!

Being Nice to Yourself Increases Creativity: ”
When you write (draw, play a musical instrument, or brainstorm), are you as accepting of your creations or ideas as you would be of a friend’s? Most of us are not. We criticize ourselves, telling ourselves we are not good at this or that, that we don’t have the skill or the talent, that our ideas are not worth pursuing, etc., etc. Imagine your friend playing a piano piece – would you criticize him/her for not being perfect and dismiss the attempt as not being worthy, or instead would you be encouraging and simply nice to your friend, saying that he/she did a good job? So what if, just if, we tried to be as nice to ourselves as we would be to our friend. Perhaps this would remove some of the barriers and let our natural talents reveal themselves…<!–break–>

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