BBC – BBC World Service Programmes – Charlie Gillett’s World Of Music

I saw Bela Fleck at the Holland Center last night. He opened the show alone; soon, the stage was filled with several musicians that he met a few years ago when he traveled to Africa to explore the musical terrain there. His performance was superb. Bela took time to connect with the audience, praised the wonderful environment of the Holland Center, and then took care to showcase the other performers. Three hours slipped by easily. By the end, everyone in the house was on their feet, cheering.

Bela’s Africa project yielded a well-received album and documentary film. You can find more of the Africa project music for direct download from his website:

Over the course of the following day, I recalled that the BBC Worldservice has an access point for learning more about the music that exists outside your zip code and time zone. I hope you check this out, and immerse yourself in this programme.

You see, sometimes I can’t sleep, and I have a radio, with earbuds, permanently tuned to my local NPR station. They switch over to the BBC Worldservice programming in the middle of the night. That’s how I discovered this treasure on the airwaves.

Charlie Gillett communicates his love for music in all its manifestations. You get a sense that he takes great delight in introducing others to what he has discovered. I hope you will discover this little gem for yourself.

BBC – BBC World Service Programmes – Charlie Gillett’s World Of Music