7 Email Efficiency Tips To Get More Email Done, Faster

7 Email Efficiency Tips To Get More Email Done, Faster:

Life revolves around communication and literally nothing gets accomplished without it. Email is a communication tool meant to make your life easier. Instead of having to type up a letter or try to catch someone on the phone or in person, you can quickly type a few lines and be over it.
But email can also be a significant time sink. This typically happens when it is used in the wrong way. Many people send you emails you don’t need, with subject lines that don’t reflect the content, and in more words than necessary. But it can also be your own fault, for example if you don’t process emails right or abuse your inbox as a To Do or reading list. Fact is, you can get through your emails faster by improving your habits and rigorously adopting a few key email efficiency tips.

Schedule Email Time

If you dread tending to your emails or if you regularly spend way too much time clearing your inbox, try committing to a schedule. Some people recommend doing emails for a set time twice a day. Scheduling time is smart because it creates the time frame and space of mind to concentrate on getting the task done. Besides, you will figure out how much time you really spend with emails.
Checking emails only twice a day doesn’t work for everyone. If you need to stay on top of things and check your emails several times throughout the day, give yourself a few minutes every hour in addition to checking and processing emails in the morning and evening. Those short email sprints are an opportunity to respond to urgent emails or respond to an email that you first needed to fetch information for.

The idea is to…

  • create a time limit by scheduling email time,
  • have the ambition to stay within that limit,
  • become quicker, and
  • gradually free up time on your schedule.

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