10 Fundamental Truths That Will Change Your Life

Life goes a lot smoother once you let go of grudges and forgive even those who never said they were sorry. Grudges let negative events from your past ruin today’s happiness. Hate and anger are emotional parasites that destroy your joy in life. Source: 10 Fundamental Truths That Will Change Your Life It’s a rare […]

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Book Review: The Storm of Sex Addiction

The Storm of Sex Addiction: Rescue and Recovery Connie Lofgreen, MSW, CSAT I recently sat down with Connie Lofgreen’s 2012 book: The Storm of Sex Addiction. The book masterfully weaves together Lofgreen’s clinical perspective, research data, case vignettes, and ideas for family, couple & individual growth. It’s clear from the start that the author cares […]

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Corrosive Blame

Blame It’s your fault. If you hadn’t been so stupid, none of this would have ever happened. I can’t believe you let that happen —– again. Have you thought these things? Said these things to someone you love? Did it help? I bet not. So why do we return – again and again – to […]

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Lasting Relationships Rely On 2 Traits

Lasting Relationships Rely On 2 Traits – Business Insider. This link will take you to – where you’ll find out the two traits for long-term relationship success. Here’s a hint: the first element was delineated a long time ago by John Gottman, PhD of the Gottman Institute. Oh, what’s that element? Kindness.


Dr. Gottman’s Four Horsemen of the apocalypse for marriage

“The Four Things That Kill a Relationship Stone Dead — PsyBlog” Gottman’s ideas have been around for several years; there’s a reason for that! These ideas continue to be relevant and informative. Take a look!