Hypnosis for GERD – Severe Acid Reflux

Hypnosis for GERD Sixty million Americans deal with this uncomfortable sensation at least once a month — heartburn. It’s not only painful, but can be life-altering, or even deadly if ignored. No wonder that heartburn and other gastrointestinal medications are among the most popular drugs on the market. But these “miracle drugs” are far from… Continue reading Hypnosis for GERD – Severe Acid Reflux

Stress and GI Conditions

The normal stress of everyday life can aggravate certain GI conditions. And in a vicious cycle, worrying about or dwelling on severe pain, constipation, diarrhea and other GI symptoms can make the symptoms worse, which in turn increases the stress. Read the full story from Science Daily I have training in the use of hypnosis… Continue reading Stress and GI Conditions

Is Hypnotherapy More Than Hype?

Hypnotherapy might be more helpful than you think. Consumer Reports fills you in what you need to know and explains whether this therapy is more than hype. Source: Is Hypnotherapy More Than Hype? The Source link will take you to an article from Consumer Reports – it does a nice job of outlining some of… Continue reading Is Hypnotherapy More Than Hype?

Benzodiazepines: No Dementia Risk?

A new study suggests that benzodiazepines do not raise dementia risk. But experts caution that these meds should still be avoided in older patients because of the risk for falls and confusion. Source: Benzodiazepines: No Dementia Risk? Information from 2015 suggested that dementia was a possible risk factor for dementia. A fresh look at the… Continue reading Benzodiazepines: No Dementia Risk?

Your job is killing you!

Danish workers have a single payer health system, so it’s easy to track how people use their benefits. This study appears to confirm the link between a rise in work-related stress and the negative impact on our health. More work and pressure to perform beyond certain levels leads to an increase in depression, anxiety —… Continue reading Your job is killing you!

Girls first Ski Jump – Facing Fear

Before you play the video – please be aware that the video starts off quietly, and later gets very loud. This is because the girl featured here starts off sounding timid – and later shouts out her delight with her jump. I was talking with someone today about facing fear, especially in social settings. What… Continue reading Girls first Ski Jump – Facing Fear

OCD Doesn’t Always Strike Alone

OCD’s Companions The link will take you to an article on PsychCentral. The author makes the important point that rarely do we suffer in a unidimensional manner. Problems can show up in clusters. That’s why it’s so important to get a thorough assessment that guides treatment. Make sure you tell your therapist all the symptoms… Continue reading OCD Doesn’t Always Strike Alone

Transforming Anxiety

Have you ever wandered around a bookstore? If you’ve wandered around a bookstore, you’ve likely had the experience of picking up a book that you didn’t know existed. And, maybe, that book – now known to you – changed your life, or influenced it in a substantial way. The same thing happens on the Internet.… Continue reading Transforming Anxiety

Howie Mandel Shares Struggle With OCD

Howie Mandel Shares Struggle With OCD For Bell Let’s Talk Campaign (VIDEO). I appreciate that Howie is talking about his personal challenges with OCD. This video is particularly poignant – he describes how he inadvertently revealed his condition on live radio. His dismay and shame are palpable. What saves him? To know that he’s not… Continue reading Howie Mandel Shares Struggle With OCD