Hypnosis – uses in pain management and surgical recovery

“Hypnotherapy — also called clinical hypnosis or hypnosurgery — has been used in Europe for minimally invasive procedures, such as hernia repair, lumpectomies, biopsies and some mastectomies in breast cancers for several decades. But in the United States, hospitals and doctors have shied away from the therapy.

Girish Joshi, an anesthesiologist at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, who has studied, with European colleagues, using virtual reality in hypnosis, says that, in contrast to a quick injection, hypnosis takes time to implement, the response rate can be slower and the U.S. payment system is not geared to alternative medicine.”

Find the full article from the Washington Post here.

While I don’t have the advanced training to accompany someone into a surgical suite, I do use hypnosis to support pain management, and anxiety management prior to surgery. This article provides an excellent overview of how hypnosis is being used in medical settings in the US.