The Biology of Anxious Temperament

Anxious Temperament

The Biology of Anxious Temperament May Lie With a Problem in an Anxiety ‘Off Switch’ — ScienceDaily.

The Key Point

Follow the link above to read the full article – but here’s the key paragraph – from my perspective:

“This finding is very important as it focuses our thinking about treatment on promoting recovery after stress rather than suppressing the normal adaptive reaction to threatening situations. Fear, at times, is the best possible reaction to life events. However, persistent fear can be destructive. This new finding points us in the direction of new treatments that aim to promote resilience rather than blunting one’s life experiences,” said Dr. John Krystal, Editor of Biological Psychiatry.

It sounds like Dr. Krystal is advocating facing trouble, learning to adapt – gaining resilience. I like that idea.

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