Scrupulosity and OCD

Scrupulosity and OCD:
A recent study in the Journal of Clinical Psychology sought to examine how OCD obsessions related to religious or moral fears impacted on individual’s selection of treatment providers, their day-to-day religious experiences and conceptions of God. In this study, 72 individuals with scrupulous OCD and 72 individuals with non-scrupulous OCD completed an online survey. Overall, the investigators found that severity of symptoms was equal across the two groups. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the individuals with scrupulous OCD were more religious, more likely to seek pastoral counseling, less likely to seek medication treatment, and more likely to report that symptoms interfered with their religious experience. Among individuals with scrupulous OCD, the more negative the concept of God held by the individual, the more severe their symptoms. Interestingly, about 20% of the sample with scrupulous OCD did not report any specific religious affiliation.

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