Singing with Ringo

Yes, I sang with Ringo Starr

And, yes, there were several thousand other people in the auditorium singing right along, too. We had a blast singing Yellow Submarine together. Ringo appeared in my hometown the other night – along with the rest of the All-Starr Band. A lot of talent on one stage!

What does Ringo know about mental health?

In my opinion: a lot! As I was watching the show [and occasionally singing at Ringo’s behest], it occurred to me that ol’ Ringo is a very smart, personable, wise fellow with several life lessons to pass along:

  • Have fun! Ringo clearly likes to have fun, and made sure we were, too. He’s full of energy – demonstrated while singing, dancing – and spending a lot of time sitting at the drum kit. He’s no slacker.
  • Peace and Love – I can’t recall the last time I heard such a direct and coherent call for peace and love. I got the sense that he wasn’t giving the phrase lip service – it came from the heart. This idea that seeking peace and exuding love back into the world was the mantra we heard.
  • Inclusion & participation: get the audience involved
  • Simultaneous goals of synchronicity and individual performance – Ringo and fellow drummer Gregg Bisonette sat at adjoining drum kits throughout most of the performance. [Ringo came out front to sing a few tunes while leaving the drumming to Gregg]. While together on the risers, I could see that they were almost always matching drumming rhythm with incredible precision. Yet, every so often, they would diverge from one another to enhance the sound – and fall back in time with one another. They made room for one another.
  • Respect – Every other performer on the stage performed music that originated from the bands that each had been affiliated with earlier in their career. Each performer got to stretch out a bit and show the depth of their individual talents.

Imagine Whirled Peas

What would happen if we could get these elements integrated into other systems? Imagine peace and love in the workplace. Think how nice love relationships can be when there’s room for using your talents, can coordinate with the other in the service of accomplishing things – but still getting to express what is uniquely you.

Ringo – need another roadie?

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