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Shortly after I completed training in the Behavior Therapy of OCD, I got questions about helping hoarding situations. Given that people who have trouble with clutter and hoarding often suffer with OCD, this made sense to me.

I started to find out what I could about the problem, and what can be done to help. At the beginning of this process, it was a pretty short reading list. Not much research had been conducted, and very few people seemed to have a handle on what might work.

At this point, I try my best to discourage people with hoarding difficulties to come see me. Why, you might ask. Let me explain.

I’ve helped a few people, but there are real limitations to what one fellow can do from an outpatient office. Additionally – and more importantly – there have been developments in the field, and in the overall availability of help in the Omaha community. Given the nature of my practice, the evolution of research, and the local changes – I now think it best that families with hoarding situations seek help elsewhere.

Where to go?

The first step, in my opinion, is to learn about the problem objectively.

The International OC Foundation has a site devoted to Hoarding – here. You’ll find information, links to online resources and a list of treatment providers. It’s the most comprehensive online source I know of for helping with hoarding.

I often recommend Digging Out for families who want to learn more about how to support their relative who hoards.

Resources for Omaha

This is far from comprehensive, but a couple places to start with:

Eastern Nebraska Office on Aging

Lutheran Family Services – ask about their Crisis Response Team

Do you know about another resource that should be on this page? Give me a call – 402.334.1122 – and I’ll add it.

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Mr. Moore,
Not sure if I am responding correctly but want to extend a hearty thank you for your information and for your response to my call.
Patricia Hildebrandt

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