Resources for Hoarding

Shortly after I completed training in the Behavior Therapy of OCD, I got questions about helping hoarding situations. Given that people who have trouble with clutter and hoarding often suffer with OCD, this made sense to me.

I started to find out what I could about the problem, and what can be done to help. At the beginning of this process, it was a pretty short reading list. Not much research had been conducted, and very few people seemed to have a handle on what might work.

Since then, the research base has expanded – and what strikes me as being especially relevant is the need for individualized treatment [no one-size-fits-all approach]. And, treatment should not resemble the interventions on Cable TV shows.

So, we’ll have a bit to sort out with one another – to establish goals and steps to follow.

The International OC Foundation has a site devoted to Hoarding – here. You’ll find information, and links to online resources. It’s the most comprehensive online source I know of for helping with hoarding.

I often recommend Digging Out for families who want to learn more about how to support their relative who hoards.


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  1. Mr. Moore,
    Not sure if I am responding correctly but want to extend a hearty thank you for your information and for your response to my call.
    Patricia Hildebrandt

    1. You’re very kind to write to me! Glad to know the information was helpful. Take care! tm

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