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How to Have a Successful Online Therapy Session

Preparation makes a big difference! If you’ve ever had a friend drop in unexpectedly, perhaps you made the best of it. Maybe you had a variety of beverages at hand, and some delectable finger-food to arrange hastily on a tray. Or maybe all you had was bottled water and that box of Bugles that had […]

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What Is Social Anxiety Disorder? – Video Series

Dr. Richard Heimberg educates us on social anxiety disorder, its symptoms and effects on the lives of those who suffer from the disorder. Source: What Is Social Anxiety Disorder? – How to Videos on MonkeySee – Free Instructional Videos

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Has Hypnosis Finally Been Vindicated by Neuroscience?

It may be all in your mind, but brain scans suggest the effects are real. Source: Has Hypnosis Finally Been Vindicated by Neuroscience? This link will take you to a well-written summary of neuroscience research that illustrates how the brain responds to the experience of hypnosis. From New York Magazine, Nov. 21, 2016  

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Girls first Ski Jump – Facing Fear

Before you play the video – please be aware that the video starts off quietly, and later gets very loud. This is because the girl featured here starts off sounding timid – and later shouts out her delight with her jump. I was talking with someone today about facing fear, especially in social settings. What […]

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Journalism Resource Guide on Behavioral Health – SAMHSA News

Journalism resource guide – from The Carter Center Journalists will find this new resource a helpful tool when reporting stories that include individuals with behavioral health concerns. The Carter Center published the Journalism Resource Guide on Behavioral Health that aims to increase accurate reporting of behavioral health issues, decrease stereotypes, and help reporters better understand […]

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Book Review: The Storm of Sex Addiction

The Storm of Sex Addiction: Rescue and Recovery Connie Lofgreen, MSW, CSAT I recently sat down with Connie Lofgreen’s 2012 book: The Storm of Sex Addiction. The book masterfully weaves together Lofgreen’s clinical perspective, research data, case vignettes, and ideas for family, couple & individual growth. It’s clear from the start that the author cares […]

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Transforming Anxiety

Have you ever wandered around a bookstore? If you’ve wandered around a bookstore, you’ve likely had the experience of picking up a book that you didn’t know existed. And, maybe, that book – now known to you – changed your life, or influenced it in a substantial way. The same thing happens on the Internet. […]

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Confront abuse by believing

Confront abuse by believing. Yes, start by believing – Beyond Meds.   A simple, powerful idea. The link will take you to a short summary and a video

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Howie Mandel Shares Struggle With OCD

Howie Mandel Shares Struggle With OCD For Bell Let’s Talk Campaign (VIDEO). I appreciate that Howie is talking about his personal challenges with OCD. This video is particularly poignant – he describes how he inadvertently revealed his condition on live radio. His dismay and shame are palpable. What saves him? To know that he’s not […]

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What’s Wrong with Me? – Autoimmune Disorders

What’s Wrong with Me? – The New Yorker.  Chronic Fatigue The link will take you to a compelling and informative article about one woman’s journey to find answers about her lingering chronic fatigue, sense of unwellness – and the difficulty of finding answers. This is a long article, but worth your time. Clearly, the author […]