Melissa Van Rossum: The Extraordinary Power of Forgiveness

The power of forgiveness is the release of resources you provide for yourself.

Melissa Van Rossum: The Extraordinary Power of Forgiveness:
I was talking recently with Stephanie, a friend who had suffered several intense setbacks. She discovered her longtime boyfriend had been unfaithful and that he had lied to her about several financial dealings as well as his past. A former employee who needed money filed a frivolous lawsuit in hopes of cashing in. And a longtime, trusted friend betrayed an important confidence. All of that on top of the tail end of a difficult recession left her feeling hopeless.

“I feel… so… angry,” she confided to me over dinner one evening. “In the past I’ve always been able to move through these things and move on. But maybe I’ve been through too much these past few years. Now I’m hardening in ways I don’t want to. And honestly? I think I’ve completely lost my capacity to trust. How do you move forward when the past has you so anchored?”


“Forgiveness really is the gift you give yourself, isn’t it?”

“It really is.”

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