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Sometimes – a nice surprise shows up

Frances Ha Sometimes – a nice surprise shows up If you have a Netflix account, you likely already know how the service gives you suggestions for additional viewing. You finish a film, and three options show up on the screen while the movie that is wrapping up [in a reduced size screen that magically appears]. […]

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Hypnosis is not always your best next move

I got a call today Well, actually, my assistant took the call. She’s worked with me for over 10 years, so her ear is tuned to hear the questions of callers with great sensitivity – and that sometimes results in the call being forwarded on to me. It gives me a chance to answer questions, […]

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Career workshops – Omaha – Starting Sept 10, 2012

Looking to advance your career? This is a low cost program that might get you inspired to take action. Both men and women are welcome, according to the website info. Link below: Women’s Center for Advancement (formerly YWCA Omaha)