Readers: Contribute to OCD Research!

This might not appeal to everyone, but check out this opportunity:

Readers: Contribute to OCD Research!: “

We received this request and would like to pass it along to anyone interested in participating in this study. Research into the causes of OCD can lead to better treatment. We hope that the research contributes new knowledge about OCD and that those who participate find the experience to be rewarding. Good luck!

Dear Drs. Smith and Elliot

Thank you for your recent posts on your blog about anxiety and OCD. Many of us have routines or even eccentric superstitions that get us through the day; we read our horoscopes every morning, keep our calendars clean and up-to-date, or pray each night. But for the 2.2 million American adults suffering from OCD, unceasing thoughts and compulsions can get in the way of living. These symptoms of OCD are not mere habits but persistent, distressing and, at times, debilitating impediments.