Live OCD Free_An iPhone App

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From Dr. Kristen Mulcahy:

I am writing to let you know about a promotion that I will be offering over the next few weeks. I’m sure you all know OCD sufferers who are not getting the help that they need. They may not have the financial resources or they may be waiting for treatment with you or another professional. For anyone who might be in this position, I ask that you spread the word about this offer provided solely for the purpose of getting as many OCD sufferers as possible set up with an ERP program, who might not otherwise have this opportunity.
To help people struggling with how to get started with ERP, I will be offering a Free 30-minute consult to get their Live OCD Free program set up for them. After purchasing the Live OCD Free app, users will be asked to fill out a questionnaire regarding their specific symptoms. From there a consult will be scheduled with me or a licensed professional directly supervised by me. The goal of this consult will be to create the user’s exposure hierarchy, which will be entered into the app for them to follow.
For those who are unable to afford treatment, this is a great alternative for them to get a personalized program set up for them by a professional and a “pocket therapist” that will guide them the rest of the way. For those who are waiting for treatment, this provides an opportunity for them to get started with an appropriate treatment protocol until they are able to continue with a professional. With the progress reports created by the Live OCD Free app, therapists are able to see exactly what has been accomplished and what work still needs to be done.
I would sincerely appreciate you letting people know about this offer whom you think it might be appropriate for. The offer will end on July 23rd.